Chinese Uber unveils new electric car

The company Didi Chuxing has designed with the manufacturer BYD a car with more than 400 km of range specially designed for its VTC activity in China.

Electricity is developing at high speed in the VTC segment. While Uber announced a target of 50% electric vehicles a few months ago by 2025, the giant Didi has just presented a model specially designed for its uses. Called D1, the electric compact was developed in partnership with the manufacturer BYD. Its design is a bit ordinary, inspired by the Honda Jazz and Volkswagen ID.3, but its interior is refined in a Tesla Model 3 style. If the reception is favored by sliding doors and more leg length, the rear space is n ‘ brings few specific adjustments. We note only simple touch screens and tablets for customers.

Over 400 km of autonomy

Under its high compact envelope, the Didi D1 has a 100 kW (136 hp) engine. Its battery pack is original Chongqing Fudi, with no known capacity, but with a range of 418 km on the NEDC cycle. Its consumption would also be 12.8 kWh / 100 km, still in NEDC, less restrictive than our WLTP cycle.

Didi Chuxing does not mention a D1 goal to produce. The Chinese giant of the VTC prefers to communicate on its 60 million trips per day on the platform, and hopes to see shared mobility (including the VTC) at 8% of trips in 2022, against 3% currently.

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