Chip problems: Tesla is recalling thousands of e-cars in Germany

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Due to problems with computer chips, the American electric car manufacturer Tesla is said to have started a voluntary recall campaign for thousands of Tesla vehicles built before 2018 in Germany. The “Augsburger Allgemeine” (AZ) reports that exclusively. The large sedan Model S and the wing-door SUV Model X are therefore affected. A spokesman for the Federal Motor Transport Authority confirmed this.

There is a risk of a total failure of the central screen in the battery cars built before March 2018. The driver can use this to control numerous vehicle functions. The reason: The permanently installed memory chip is full at some point and can no longer be overwritten with new data. Because the “embedded multimedia card” (eMMC) used by Tesla for a long time has only eight gigabytes. Therefore, after several years, the memory is no longer sufficient.

As AZ writes, at the end of January the federal agency for road and vehicle safety, NHTSA, threatened a forced recall for 135,000 vehicles of the two model series built between 2012 and 2018. If the screen fails, a safety problem can arise as it affects the controls for the reversing camera, window heating and air conditioning. Tesla agreed to the recall. The automaker had previously offered the owners a repair for $ 1,500 to $ 2,500.

A 64 gigabyte chip is built into the newer vehicles manufactured from March 2018. According to the AZ report, this should now also be given to the owners of the old vehicles. According to a letter to the vehicle owner, the car manufacturer has now ensured the function of the reversing camera and the flashing lights, as well as the window and vehicle heating for the corresponding models, even if the screen fails.



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