Chip shortage: declining sales figures at Nintendo too

In the last quarter, console sales at manufacturer Nintendo fell by almost 23 percent.

The Japanese console manufacturer and game developer Nintendo today published its current business figures for the second quarter of 2022. It shows that the company is still struggling to meet its production goals for the Switch console. Due to the ongoing global chip shortages, console sales fell by almost 23 percent in the period from April to June 2022. During this period, Nintendo sold 3.43 million Switch consoles worldwide.

Biggest drop in standard switch

Broken down by the different versions of the console, the biggest decrease was in the standard version of the Switch. Sales here fell by 60 percent to 1.32 million units. Things weren’t much better for the Nintendo Switch Lite, with a 50 percent drop to 590,000 units. The new version of the Switch with an OLED screen had a balancing effect on the overall sales figures. Nintendo was able to sell 1.52 million units of this model worldwide. By March 2023, Nintendo plans to have sold a total of 21 million switch consoles. It remains to be seen whether the group will be able to meet this goal.

Declining software sales

“Production has been impacted by factors such as the global shortage of semiconductor components, resulting in a decline in hardware shipments and a consequent decline in overall sales,”

explains Nintendo in the announcement of the prize. The company expects chip sourcing to continue to improve between late summer and fall. Software sales fell in the second quarter by 8.6 percent to 41.5 million units. Sony also had to accept a decline in software sales in its current business figures.

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