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‘Chosen ones’ go wild during a trial event in Ziggo Dome

Today a chosen group of partygoers could finally go wild again in the Ziggo Dome. After the start of the trial event, at 3 p.m., the atmosphere was immediately good. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Sam Feldt and Lucas & Steve can be heard until 7 p.m. The chosen visitors are already completely crazy about their music.

Such a trial event looks different from a ‘normal’ one: normally 17,000 people can go crazy in the Ziggo Dome. Today there are 1,300 people in attendance. These ‘chosen ones’ are divided into five groups of 250 people and a group of 50. Each so-called ‘bubble’ has its own entrance and walking route in the Ziggo Dome and its own rules.

‘Going loose as before’ at trial event

It will not surprise you, but the partygoers are mainly young people. Yet there are also some older visitors dancing and jumping. Many visitors are “really looking forward to” having fun again, just like in the old days. Also those who were less familiar with the genre, such as Kiko de Pater and Roland Willems. “We went to listen to it this morning, but it really doesn’t matter to us whether we go to Hazes or dance,” says De Pater. “It really feels like an outing. It’s great that it can be done so responsibly. ”

Tomorrow is party time again: a concert is planned in the Ziggo Dome. Dré Hazes will then be heard and Sophie Street and Peter Pannekoek, among others, will be in review tomorrow. And next week the parties will continue as usual, on Saturday there is a dance festival in Biddinghuizen and on Sunday a pop festival.

There have already been trial events, such as a special performance by Guido Weijers (which Metro was present), a business conference and a football match. Fieldlab organizes these trial events as a joint initiative of both the business and public events sector and the government. In this way, the organization wants to look at how larger meetings can be organized safely during the corona crisis.

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‘Chosen ones’ go wild during a trial event in Ziggo Dome


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