Chris, Bas and Domien will release podcasts more often

The trio got to know each other years ago when they all worked at 3FM, but the idea for a podcast only arose two years ago. “This time at 3FM was a lot of fun and I thought it would be nice to do something with the three of us”, says Bas. “Chris and I called a lot and talked about our girlfriends. We were both strong women and we often had to do all kinds of chores for our friends against our will. I also spoke to Domien about this and he also had his issues. we ask ourselves: how masculine are we really? ” This question became the key question of Man man man, the podcast.

The men are now already working on their fifth season – and the end is not yet in sight. In fact; they are going to make even more episodes, the three say on RTL Boulevard. Normally, a new episode appears online every two weeks. Each time a different theme is central. But the gentlemen are far from finished and that is why they want to come up with a new episode every week. “We want to put an episode online every week from season six in 2021,” says Domien. “That means three seasons every year”, Chris adds.

As if the trio wasn’t already busy. In addition to the podcast, they have also launched two beers, the first steps towards a real theater tour have been taken and they have released a book, which is now in its third edition. They are not afraid that the listeners will get tired of them, says Domien. “I think people don’t necessarily listen to the stories, but mainly listen to three friends at the kitchen table who have a conversation about masculinity and everything that comes with it. As long as you experience things, there is something to talk about. And I think and hope that conversation will not get boring soon. “

In Man man man, the podcast the gentlemen do not shy away from any subject. For example, various private subjects are discussed, including breakups, physical discomfort and drug use in the form of themes “We certainly know shame, but when you sit together at the table, you are not so aware that people are listening. discussed things that you would not be so quick to tell your colleagues “, says Bas. “It only becomes fun or interesting when things are discussed that are exciting or uncomfortable somewhere. That is the strength. Sometimes you listen to each other with amazement, that is the best.”

Also the recently released book Man man man, the book is full of stories that were partly told in the podcast, but some will never appear in it. “I wrote about my very first orgasm in the book, and I don’t think I’ll be telling that again in the podcast anytime soon,” said Domien. “Some themes are really worth repeating. So far it just doesn’t run out. The format has changed a bit,” says Chris. “In the earlier seasons we went from anecdote to anecdote, but now we just have a conversation with each other. That conversation can take an endless breath. Veronica Inside, that is about football and current affairs and then they just keep on bullshit. I like to compare us with Veronica Inside. “

Yet the gentlemen have never regretted a subject or story, Domien assures. “But if a very wrong joke is told, we want to cut it out”, Bas adds. “But that hardly happened.” Chris: “Our first appointment was also: we will bare our buttocks. If we are going to do this, we will tell everything.”

The gentlemen also do this in the theater, where three live registrations have been recorded so far. “That is the purest form, because it cannot be cut. There are people there, but that is really no big difference with the normal podcast. Cutting such a wrong joke can be counted on one hand. It always is what you hear is what you get. ”

Anyone who thinks that the gentlemen always agree with each other will be disappointed. “When someone says something that upsets the other, it is often very funny. It is often a therapeutic session,” explains Chris. “You sometimes have mutual irritations that you would not normally have dared to deal with, but which you do dare to discuss in the podcast.”

The much-discussed theater tour of the gentlemen is still on the schedule, but the current situation makes it impossible to record it. Domien: “Above all, it is hope. (…) We are looking forward to it, because we have used the last time to really put on a show. Now we have to wait every day.”

The cake is far from over for the gentlemen. After this season they stick with love for another season, as long as they enjoy it themselves. Chris: “Until now this rollercoaster is still much too much fun. Why should we stop? As long as we still like it and the people like it, we will keep going. There is always something fun to come up with.” For a while the gentlemen toyed with the idea of ​​starting a pop-up store as well, but due to the current situation, they have decided against it for now.

Although the men are not averse to a chat about beauty, on that subject they cannot compete with a completely different genre within the medium: beauty podcasts. They are the latest trend. Below you can see everything about it.


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