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Christmas tree out of the house? This is how you fill in the empty space

1: Green for green

Suddenly there is that empty space. What space you have left. And what a dose of green you miss. Why not replace green for green? Get a large houseplant into your home as a room divider or just an attractive addition.

A treat for your eyes and your airways, because plants have an air-purifying effect and have a stress-reducing effect. Pros everywhere.

2: Extra sitting area

It is of course just as if your living room allows it in terms of space, but how nice is it to replace the Christmas tree with an extra seating area. Sounds great, it doesn’t have to be. Without much fuss you can create a nice seat with just a chair, cushion and plaid. From trendy rattan chair to leather armchair or simple bucket chair, cosiness is guaranteed.

3: Plop on the pouf

In the same category as before, you can of course also think of a stool or ottoman. Something that does not need to take up much space and is ideal for creating an extra seat anywhere in the house. If you do not need that, you can also use the living item as a side table or decorate it with a vase full of flowers, candles, photo frames. Anyway, just how you want to style it. ad

4: In the spotlights

In the darkest time of the year you can probably use extra light points when the Christmas tree leaves. Why not take this literally by purchasing a great eye-catcher of a lamp? Or mix it with … the pouf.

5: Extra storage space

Now that you have such a hole in your living room, you can also opt for a handsome display cabinet. Not only a statement piece, but also a way to display items. Just make sure that you have enough space elsewhere in the house to store the closet as soon as the Christmas tree returns.


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