Chrome is going to block tracking cookies in Incognito mode

Google announced that today. Third-party cookies are usually used, for example, to monitor your online surfing behavior and to display targeted advertisements based on this.

The search giant has been taking measures against such tracking cookies for a long time. In about a year and a half, these cookies will no longer be supported by Chrome at all. Then advertisers can use a more privacy-friendly alternative that Google is currently working on.

Distinction between types of cookies

The company also wanted to introduce strict measures against certain types of cookies this spring. Websites had to mark their own cookies properly so that Google could distinguish between types of cookies.

However, the initiative was rolled back when the coronavirus broke out, fearing that medical websites were not properly prepared and therefore made inaccessible.

Privacy and security

Google has also adjusted the screen for privacy and security settings with Chrome 83, which must show at a glance whether your extensions and passwords are properly secured. In addition, the browser now supports DNS over HTTPS, ensuring that requests to a DNS server are properly encrypted.


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