Chrome tops list of most popular browsers

Chrome remains the most popular browser. Microsoft Edge was able to fight its way to second place.

The website Statcounter takes a look at the shares that the different browsers can claim for themselves every month. In the period between March and April, Google’s Chrome once again claimed the top spot. The search engine operator’s browser is the most popular program in the desktop area for almost 70 percent of all recorded users worldwide for surfing the Internet.

Chrome before Edge and Safari

However, there is a surprise in second place: the Edge browser developed by Microsoft was able to place ahead of Apple’s Safari browser. However, the gap between the two programs is quite small: both have a share of less than 10 percent. A third browser, Firefox, is even further behind. Far behind at just under 3 percent, Opera comes in fourth place.

A similar picture in mobile

Chrome can also secure the top spot on mobile devices, with a good two-thirds of all users worldwide preferring to use Chrome when surfing the web. A quarter of all mobile users rely on Safari, the pre-installed browser in iOS. Only then do the smaller browsers follow with low percentages.

Firefox popular in Germany

In Germany, Chrome also takes the top spot in the desktop area: almost half of all German users use Chrome on their computers. But in Germany, Firefox is also doing well with a share of around 20 percent. Only a good 12 percent of all German users warmed to Microsoft’s Edge. Half of German mobile users also prefer Chrome, with Safari coming in second with 30 to 35 percent. A good 10 percent of German mobile users use Samsung’s own Internet browser.

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