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Cinema closed? This is how you provide a home cinema!

Dark and deep spaces

For a home theater, it goes without saying that you have to choose a dark room, for example a basement or an attic. In any case, make sure that the room is completely darkened, because no one is waiting for incoming light and reflective spots on the screen when the tension is cut.


Depending on how many people you want to use a home cinema with, it is important that everyone has a nice place. No one is really happy with those red velvet chairs from the cinema. And you have to last a number of hours, so you better go for comfort. For example, you can easily make something with pallets.

Sound and Vision

Of course, a cinema is all about the big screen and the good sound. It is best to buy a projector for this, the only thing you need is a white wall, a laptop and you already have a much larger screen. No white wall in the living room? Then of course you can always hang up a large white sheet.

A surround speaker system is almost indispensable in today’s household. But do you still want to go for a slightly more advanced sound system? Then go for subwoofers. These have a solid bass sound, giving your film extra emphasis.


Although a cinema has little or no atmosphere in the dark, it is nice to make something cozy at home. Hang up lights, light the candles and surround yourself with all kinds of warm plaids and pillows. This way you know for sure that you can keep it up for a number of films.


A home theater without popcorn? That’s like a candy store without candy. Get some tasty snacks at home. This way you can enjoy a snack and a drink during the movie.

Good company

Of course it is also nice to be able to watch a movie with friends or family. Isn’t that going into quarantine time? There is a handy idea: Netflix Party! This invention ensures that you and your friends can watch the same movie and talk to each other at the same time! You can read more about this here!

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