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Cinemas are already thinking of reopening with modifications Entertainment

The theaters do not assume that this will be possible in the short term. But if the government gives permission for a partial reopening of rooms in a “one and a half meter society”, then the scenarios are ready.

Cinema chain Vue says concretely to think of a situation in which theaters can open but in which hygiene and distance keep “becoming decisive factors”. Pathé, the largest operator in the Netherlands, also confirms that it is working on this type of scenario, but also does not want to share any details about it.

1 June

This also applies to the Kinepolis group, which has a large complex in Utrecht, among others. “Obviously, the safety of our visitors and employees is paramount, in addition to the fact that we naturally want to offer our guests a nice movie out after a long period of time. [email protected]”Said a spokesperson.

It is not yet clear when cinemas can be reopened by the government. In principle, the ban on meetings with many people applies until 1 June. The government will make new announcements at the latest in the third week of April.

In the latest podcast Kwestie van Centen, Martin Visser and Herman Stam discuss the “new normal” that premium Rutte prepares us for. How should that 1.5-meter society take shape? Listen it up here, below or via your own podcast app.


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