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Cinemas want to open without test proof | Movie

Only visitors who have a valid, negative test certificate should be allowed to attend a film screening according to the government plan. One of the reasons why the NVBF rejects this requirement is that cinemas and movie theaters have not turned out to be a hotbed for infections. According to the organization, this is partly due to the previously established corona protocol, which would make cinemas safe for visitors and employees.

In addition, the NVBF states that rapid tests raise the threshold, especially since the decision to visit the cinema is often made at the last minute. The distance to one of the hundred announced test locations would also be an obstacle for visitors to the 266 cinemas in our country.

Should the government nevertheless want to adhere to the quick test plan for film visitors, the NVBF sets the precondition that these can be done for free, because otherwise viewers would drop out due to the tickets that have become too expensive. The trade association has also calculated that a minimum of 275,000 tests per week should be available immediately after the reopening of the cinemas. The question is whether that is feasible.


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