Citigroup: discharge wave corona crisis hits women harder than men

Globally, there are about 44 million people who are likely to lose their jobs because they work in sectors hard hit by the corona crisis. Of that group, 31 million are women and only 13 million are men.

This is evident from a study by Citibank, which Bloomberg writes about. This underlines that women are more vulnerable to losing their jobs in the crisis.

The researchers did not include the situation in China in the report. If that had happened, the numbers would probably be even higher.

1 trillion dollars

Citibank estimates that the world employs more than 220 million women in sectors where there is a high risk of people losing their jobs due to the pandemic.

If the 31 million women at risk of losing their jobs would actually be out of a job, it would mean a loss of global GDP of $ 1 trillion ($ 1,000 billion, over $ 900 billion), Citigroup analysts think. .


They do have a few ideas to make women less likely to lose their jobs. For example, governments should encourage women to work more flexible times.

In addition, childcare should be subsidized.


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