Citroën DS and Mercedes / 8: car legends in retro design

This is what Citroen DS and other iconic cars look like in today’s design

Many car icons deserve a future as a retro car. Opel is bringing a new Manta, that’s for sure. But how would Citroën DS, BMW Z1 or Volvo P1800 look in retro design? New designs!

M.he studies look ahead to automakers, but when it comes to current cars, they often look back: Many manufacturers are reactivating classic shapes, from the Fiat 500 until VW Bulli. The reasons are obvious: nostalgia, longing for the good old days, when the experts in their field created today’s classics.
Retro design brings yesterday’s designs into today, works across generations. A Mini Millennium years, for example, are also attractive, the current one Ford Mustang is by no means in the reputation of an old man’s accelerator.

The DS brand could afford a new “goddess”

Citroën DS (2021): sketch – new edition – classic – electric – design

This is what a new edition of the legendary Citroën DS could look like

As a brand DS celebrated a rebirth and wants – like the one built from 1955 to 1975 Citroen DS – Lure customers into the showrooms with avant-garde design. With the DS9 have the French – in addition to compact and SUVs – even another stately one limousine in program. Of the opulence of the originalgoddess However, the nine does not come close. Maybe it would be just that, interpreted in a modern way and with Electric drive, exactly the exciting alternative to the monotony that many car buyers are currently looking for. One thing is certain: more Statement hardly works. And what brand could afford it if not DS?

BMW should think about a new edition of the Z1

BMW Z1 (2021): new edition – sketch – classic – design – engine – info

How about a new BMW Z1?

It’s been 30 years since BMW the production of the Z1 has set. The Munich-based company built it for just two years Roadsterwho founded a whole Z family should be. That Highlight: The doors that can be lowered into the side sill – although not without a creak, but therefore no less spectacular. But especially: You can even drive with the doors open! The Z1 is now almost completely out of the Street scene disappeared, no wonder, after all, only 8000 units were built. That is precisely why BMW should urgently have a modern New edition ponder.

The world needs a sporty Volvo

Volvo P1800 (2021): Sketch – New Presentation – Coupé – Info

This is what the P1800 could look like today

Do you still remember Simon Templars Automobile? Roger Moores Alter Ego drives a white one in the crime series of the same name Volvo P1800, with the Volvo in the 1960s Sports car market wanted to conquer. After all, almost 40,000 customers opted for that Coupe, from 1971 the Volvo P1800 ES, called Snow White’s coffin, with combi rear as Shooting Brake for a stir. And today? Volvo has remained loyal to the station wagons to this day, the new edition of a sporty coupé like the C30 is long overdue. We have an idea …

The Mercedes / 8: a huge success for Daimler

Mercedes-Benz / 8 (2021): Sketch – new edition – “Strich-Acht” – info

How about a new Mercedes Stroke Eight?

In 1968, he inherited shortly after its year of publication / 8 (“dash-eight”) called Mercedes W 114/115 the famous Tail fin and brought the Stuttgarters a huge success: the ancestor of the E-class Sold two million times in around eight years – almost as often as all post-war Mercedes together before. Admittedly: A new edition is unlikely, finally sets Mercedes the business class this year with the super futuristic EQE under power. The Retro- / 8 designed by our designer is definitely one for the heart.

A Scirocco was supposed to compete against the Opel Manta

VW Scirocco Elektro (2021): Sketch – Future – New Presentation – Info

This is how the electric Scirocco could come

Opel is working on one mantacomeback, even electrified a classic. Since the Rüsselsheimer is really returning, he should VW actually answer – with one Sciroccowho deserves the big name. According to die-hard fans, that was the one introduced in 2008 Scirocco 3 not the case on a Golf 5 basis. Our designer’s draft is also provocative, but it should have significantly better chances of success.

A new delta would do justice to the Lancia legend

Lancia Delta (2021): sketch – future – design – info

Is Lancia bringing a new Delta?

Die-hard Italo fans water when they hear the name Lancia hear – the once so proud brand is sick meanwhile for years (decades) to himself, is only with that Ypsilon at the Home market present. But now the story is moving: Lancia has one new Designer enthroned, plans new Models. We are talking about two crossovers in the small car and compact class – and a new one delta. He could help himself in the group and use the substructure of Opel Astra and Co. In terms of design, however, he MUST go his own way, just as in terms of performance: a RF model with more than 350 hp would be a must for Lancia.

Ford could be ahead again with a new Capri

Opel Manta, VW Scirocco and of course Ford Capri, those were the automotive pride flowers of the 1970s. Of the ford was the first of this guild. Since 1968 the coupe appeared as a European Pony car and “mustang for the little man “, came two or six years before the competition. If Ford decided on a new edition, we would strike!

The Renault 5 returns as an electric car

A new R5 the AUTO BILD designer did not need to think up. Renault announced the car itself as a show car in January 2021 with the simple name “5”.

Renault 5 prototype

With the Retro-5, Renault is bringing an icon into the electric age, maybe as early as 2022?

© Groupe Renault

Visually, the study is a modern electric interpretation of the iconic compact from the 80s – and probably close to the series version, as the AUTO BILD illustration shows. The yellow accents under the headlights, the black roof or the wide cheeks should also be found on the final Renault 5, which may already be expected towards the end of 2022.

This is what the Renault R4 could look like today

Renault 4

The R4 was as cheap as it was legendary. This is what it could look like as a new edition.

© Larson

The career of the Renault 4 – the first mass-produced vehicle with a one-piece tailgate attached to the top. The concept convinced over eight million R4 were sold. No wonder: the Renault was practically, versatile usable and above all cheap. Even the French police relied on the R4 – as numerous Louis de Funès films show. Whether a new edition in the current look could repeat the success?

Opel Kapitän as a small road cruiser

Opel captain

The Opel Kapitän was a small road cruiser. In modern it could compete with AMG and Co.

© Larson

The first captain bot Opel even before the Second World War, until 1970 the stately one limousine in program. Over the generations, the Rüsselsheimer brought American food Road cruiser design to Germany – with admittedly moderate success: for many customers the shape was too bombastic. Would a new captain have a better chance? Our designer got the original from the year 1956 taken as a model. Daring, but definitely an eye-catcher. AUTO BILD is showing more classics in a new design in the gallery!

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