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City escapees camp in pearls of backyards

Movement started to make city breakaways beautiful campspaces to offer and support farmer Pip and other local entrepreneurs: #Staylocal

Now that that trip to Bali or weekend trip to Rome is not over, many Dutch people want to go out in their own country. Camping proves immensely popular, says Hugo van Donselaar van Campspace. Especially camping new style, so do not park your rut hut at the mass camping site, but camping in nature is more popular than ever. “But the traditional campsites are also going to get crowded anyway.”

Subway spoke the passionate entrepreneur back in 2018 when he met them Campspace named the Airbnb of the pitches, with 400 spots across the country. Little boys become big bosses: “there are now 1300.”

It goes well with Campspace, or in the words of Van Donselaar: “We are going crazy right now.” He has not yet finished speaking or a telephone rings and a colleague picks up in the background in their office building in the heart of Leiden. They have the same number of bookings in three weeks as in all of 2019, he says not without pride.

Campers throw wood on the fire
Hugo van Donselaar slash while camping campspacing domestically

Campspacing weekend

And this coming weekend the Dutch will again full-load and with the loading box full of camping. “There are even only three places available in the Netherlands, the rest are all full. Really cool, right? ” He quickly picks up the website and bookings and then reveals one of the three options. A microcamping near the Efteling. “Sweet dog and piglets are included in the price,” he promotes between nose and lips. “Even the African mountain goats.”

Not to eat by the way.

Local tourism

Local tourism is now gaining momentum and together with travel magazine, among other things Columbus Travel now becomes the #Staylocal movement launched. A bit of a container concept in the making, he agrees, “but it does cover the load nicely.”

The platform #Staylocal is a playful counterpart to the Cream Pots, Sunwebs and center Parcs of this world. You can contribute your own stone by making your own backyard slash hidden gem available to other travelers or go hort yourself, “this way you help the city escapees to go on holiday close to home and support the locals. ” You can also use your #Staylocalsharing tips, tricks and photos on the platform and Instagram, “It will be hands together. The platform should now fill up, hopefully many people will join it. ”

Farmer Pip

Last weekend they kicked off with travel bloggers who set up camp, or just tent, all over the country and shared their experiences. They want people to experience local tourism in optimal form, explains Van Donselaar. And we are not talking about the paintball flyer that some adolescent just put in your hands, he explains visually. “About farmer Pip, from whom you buy the tastiest cheese for your breakfast in the morning.”

Van Donselaar and his Campspace-companions have been trying to get tourism closer to home and into nature for some time. In 2018 they stood out because of their urban camping, where they could even spend the night on the balcony of their office. Das war einmal. “It’s all about now reconnect outside, and #Staylocal of course.”


So two birds with one stone. Literally sometimes also, while relaxing on a tree nursery in South Holland, micro camping in a Rotterdam city garden, relaxing in the wild grass in Drenthe. A minuscule selection from the many camping options and the accompanying “wildlife “. Because with campspaces in nature you also often get something extra.

Then no chocolate on the pillow or a towel wrung tight in the shape of a swan, but something at least Instagrammable and “a good story for later”. Can he talk about it. For example, the busy Donselaar left with his girlfriend three weeks ago campspace at Leiderdorp, a fifteen minute drive, where they received unexpected visitors. “The owner’s sheep nibble at our tent, a very strange scene. But beautiful of course. ”

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City escapees camp in pearls of backyards


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