Classic cars: These 15 classics are particularly important

Many decades ago, a few old gentlemen would meet in their drafty garages after work. For handicrafts: With beer bottles, cigarettes and rolled-up shirtsleeves, they screwed on ancient pre-war cars. Then they went back into the house. An extravagant hobby that wasn’t much fussed about. And today? Today, the oldtimer is popular sport.

As of January 1, 2022, there were more than 731,000 cars and motorcycles older than 30 years. Of these, more than 700,000 have the H license plate, so they are mostly meticulously maintained veterans whose proud owners at least keep an eye on them. Considering that it was under 650,000 a year earlier and that the curve has been rising fairly cleanly and snugly for the last five years, it can’t be long to one million. Already today it is more than one percent of the entire vehicle stock in Germany, some also have a red 07 number!

The 15 most important classics of the scene

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The 15 most important classics

Strong community of enthusiasts

These figures show: It is a strong community that keeps the beloved technical cultural asset rattling, running and shining. And all around them are specialist workshops from the car upholstery shop to motor clinics to the paint shop. In short: millions of people have a material and ideal share in the classic cult. In addition to their passion, they owe the fact that it has come to this to the really important cars. You are particularly innovative or successful. Important classics have only one characteristic: they get a lot of people excited about old cars. They are the beacons in a sea of ​​great, innovative, and sometimes problematic vintage cars.

Ford Model T

The Ford T was a long time ago, of course – but it was a kind of initial spark for the oldie scene. That’s how it started, handicrafts and screws.

The 15 important classics are great, many dream of owning one – but if only they existed, the colorful world of classics would be pretty dreary. So let’s honor them, but let’s not praise them to the skies either.

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