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Clean 6 times with what’s in your pantry

Spring is officially still a while, but many are already suffering from spring fever. Due to the beautiful weather we have a massive need for walks, sitting outside with a drink and of course cleaning (hello spring cleaning)! And we help you with the latter. With these 6 cleaning tips from cleaning guru Zamarra Kok you have a shiny house and a fuller wallet.

Zamarra Kok is known as the cleaning guru of the Netherlands. She shares housekeeping tips through her website, making housekeeping a lot easier. Especially for us she gave some tips about crazy cleaning products from the pantry.

Cleaning with cola

First of all, Cola. That is a good cleaning agent because of the acidity, says Zamarra Kok. “You wouldn’t say it because of the sweet taste, but cola is very sour. And that acid works very well against rust and lime. Suppose you have a white lime ring around your tap, you can soak a piece of kitchen roll in the cola and place it on it. Let this soak overnight, just wipe it with a cloth and the lime is gone! ”

Cola is also a panacea for brown circles in the toilet. All you have to do is pour the cola into the toilet and let it sit overnight. Then you rinse the cola and you rinse the brown circle. Handy, right?

Hans Klok

Tip 2: clean with alcohol. That is a very good deodorizer. “This was once a tip from Hans Klok,” laughs Zammara. “He always sprays Vodka on his shirts when he has been sweating a lot during a show. The alcohol in the Vodka breaks down the bacteria that cause the odors, which makes the garment smell a lot fresher. This is especially useful if you live in a student house where they don’t have a washing machine but a few bottles of vodka! ”

You can also use disinfectant alcohol or a perfume for deodorizing.

Number 3: Toothpaste. You can use that very well for polishing glass surfaces. Toothpaste contains very small grains that normally clean your teeth. It is a mild polish and this works on wine glasses or glass tables too. You can even clean your phone with it!

Granulated sugar

And did you know that you can remove a nail polish stain with Granulated Sugar? Ideal for the bunglers among us. “Spilled a dot of nail polish on your table, rug, or counter? Then quickly put granulated sugar on top and massage it gently into the stain, the sugar should keep moving. Then the nail polish adheres to the sugar and you can wipe it away. You have to act quickly because otherwise the nail polish is already dry and it will not work. ”

According to the household blogger, this is especially a good tip for people with a wooden table. This is because nail polish remover is very aggressive and therefore removes the lacquer layer from the table. Sugar is therefore a cheaper and safer alternative.

And then Baking soda, better known in the Netherlands as baking soda. It is known as a real miracle cure. You can use it for example during cooking, but also for unclogging the sink or to deodorize.

To unclog with baking soda, you only have to sprinkle the granules down the drain and add cleaning vinegar. This combination creates a reaction that removes the blockage.

Deodorizing with baking soda is completely easy. “For example, I sprinkle some baking soda in a litter box or put a container of it in the refrigerator. This removes all unpleasant smells from, for example, cheese or salami, ”says the cleaning guru.


And finally, you can also clean well with ketchup. Everyone probably has this in their pantry. But besides brightening up your hot meal, ketchup is also great for polishing copper. For example, do you have some old medals or a copper statue? Then spread some ketchup on it and let it soak for half an hour. After that it is a matter of rinsing and the copper is shiny clean again!

These cleaning mistakes make your home dirtier

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Clean 6 times with what’s in your pantry


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