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Cleaning tips for your workplace from Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo became a household name in the world of cleaning up thanks to her books and the hit Netflix series. A few months ago she launched a course for people to learn how to clean up at home: “Fundaments of Tidying”. This course consists of 10 lessons, in which Kondo teaches you everything about her famous “tidying method”.

More at home than ever

According to Kondo, people are currently spending more time at home than ever. “This course will help you rediscover the joy of tidying up,” she tells HuffPost. “Instead of a dreaded task, I see tidying up as a party. Rather, it is an act of gratitude for the items that support you every day – and the first step to living the life you always wanted. ”

Working from home has underlined the importance of a relaxing workspace in the house, the tidying up expert says. “Make your workplace as neat and pleasant as possible.

Wherever you work, it is important to create an environment where you can concentrate. If you don’t have a home office, consider what things are crucial to getting your work done. Give these things a permanent place. ”

Better productivity

The bestselling author emphasizes how important it is to your productivity to have a tidy desk, but also that there are items on your desk that make you happy. “When it’s time to work, move all non-work related items to a place where you don’t see them and replace them with something that makes you happy looking at them. I always have a beautiful crystal vase or a small vase with flowers on my desk. ”

Create a routine

Kondo also advises to always do something in the morning that marks the start of your working day. “As part of my own routine, I hit a tuning fork and spread essential oils to signal my body to switch from getting up to work mode.”


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