Clever tools manage your film and game collection

Films, games, books – keep track of your media collection. When did I loan what to whom? How does the community rate this film? Our tools can help.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of films are on the shelf. Others are slumbering on the hard drive. And the games shelf is bursting at the seams. If you lose track of things, tools can help. They catalog the holdings, remind you of loaned DVDs and automatically import table of contents, online ratings and other data from the Internet. Usually you only have to enter the title or the EAN under the barcode on the back – the program does the rest.

We find it particularly practical to export the collective lists as an Excel file. Advantage: You can send friends a list by email and they only need an Office program, not the administration tool, to view the list. The list can also be conveniently printed out. A community rating and summary information retrieved from the Internet help with the selection for the film evening. You can also search for specific search criteria in the programs – for example, by title, director or genre. Don’t have a lot of time? Then sort your film collection according to the film duration! Do you need a family-friendly film? Just look for titles with FSK 6 or 12!

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