Climate catch-up race | Advice OMT | And does Facebook change the name?

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How far are we now behind achieving the climate goals? Today the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) will present its annual ‘we are not going to save the net / ̶̷n̷e̷t̷ ̷w̷e̷l̷’ analysis on achieving the climate goals. Worryingly, of course, with the ‘sea level rising more than a metre’ warning from the KNMI in the back of our minds.

Today we hear what fun-wasting measures may be hanging over our heads. The Outbreak Management Team is today providing advice to the cabinet, which is worrying, pondering and panicking now that so many people are suddenly infected with The Virus again. Tricky point: do politicians dare to take measures for unvaccinated people only? The advice of the OMT may provide an impetus for this.

The high gas price is not fun for anyone, unless you are selling gas. Like Shell for example. The extra trade in the precious stuff is also a cash register for the oil giant, the company announced earlier. The numbers better be bonkers hard, because an activist shareholder is knocking on the door.

Nail biting until 7pm tonight. Then ‘Zuck’ speaks at the conference of his own company, which we still know as Facebook. It might be different after tonight. With a name change, the tech juggernaut is far from over with its image problem. “Mark Zuckerberg has to clean up his mess first.”

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This piece was the most shared yesterday:
Bad luck for about 90,000 customers of Welkom Energie. The company has to stop supplying from the regulator ACM due to financial problems. The customers are moving to Eneco and will notice this in their wallets.

We think you should also check this out:
And then suddenly Jack Ma, you know, that Chinese tech billionaire, is in your flower greenhouse. His arrival in the greenhouse of orchid and anthurium grower Anthura was a big secret up to ten minutes in advance.

And this you may have missed last night:
If we want to keep the global temperature rise under control, we have to make sacrifices. Because we won’t make it at this rate, warns Roland Koopman.

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

Good day!

PS Stagflation, the doomsday scenario from the 1970s, is back. But according to columnist Nora Neuteboom, it is a term for the history books.

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