Climate summit is loose | Trains to Glasgow | And you will often hear these climate terms

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Good COP, bad COP. The COP26 kicked off in Glasgow yesterday with delegations from just about every country in the world. After all the blazing promises of Paris (2015), it is now mainly about implementation (read: financing). Let the extreme weather in Glasgow last week, oh irony, be yet another warning.

All aboard? Naturally, you travel to a climate summit by train (or on foot). We from Z also rode along this weekend with a real ‘climate train’ of the Dutch delegation. With some reading material along the way: you will often hear these 7 climate terms in the coming days (take advantage of them).

remembers you remember this still, still, still… November 1 would be the big day on which the cabinet would lift all corona measures. That seems miles away: hospital admissions are increasing rapidly and the coronapersco (tomorrow) has even been brought forward for three days. Tonight, the Security Council of mayors will first have the floor.

The Davos for computer geeks. In Lisbon, Europe’s largest tech conference Web Summit kicks off with a speech by the woman who single-handedly put glutton on the chopping block, whistleblower Frances Haugen. Let’s hear if the former Facebook employee, as promised, has more revelations in store for us.

It is someone’s birthday. Our heartfelt congratulations to the colleagues of business magazine Quote, whose annual list of the 500 richest Dutch people can blow out 25 candles. And corona crisis or not: in those years, billionaires kept coming.

This piece was the most shared this weekend:
What can the cabinet do to curb the new wave of infections? One possibility on the table is that you will soon have to show a QR code at work, just like in Italy. What would that mean? Five questions and answers.

We think you should also read this:
An expensive mistake in a 75 million euro road construction project just above Amsterdam. The province of North Holland has already spent 28 million euros, but a crucial part of the plan has to be redesigned.

And you may have missed this video this weekend:
Investors are withdrawing from Big Oil and the Netherlands is debating the desirability of Tata Steel. But pointing out major polluters does not solve the problem. Strict measures and smart investments do.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

Good day!

ps It is a pity that BIJ1 and the SP do not join forces in the allowance affair. It prevents them from working together against political parties that are responsible for this scandal and that mainly represent the interests of the higher end of society, writes Leo Lucassen.

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