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Clint Eastwood is not allowed to testify in Thalys case, which he made a film about

He is in the winter of his life and is now 90 years old, but is still a film man through and through. He is only not allowed to testify.

American filmmaker Clint Eastwood is not allowed to testify before the French court during the trial of the man who opened fire in a Thalys between Amsterdam and Paris five years ago. The 90-year-old director made a film about the foiled attack on the train: The 15:17 to Paris.

The trial of the Moroccan prime suspect Ayoub El Khazzani started the day before yesterday. His attorney had asked the court to call Eastwood as a witness. The lawyer wanted to use the scenes from the film for a reconstruction. Eastwood’s film is based on a book written by the three American passengers who overpowered the shooter. Only two were injured because of their intervention.

Thalys confrontation

31-year-old El Khazzani does not deny that he intended to commit an attack, but insists that he changed his mind at the last minute. It would have been too late by then to avoid a confrontation with passengers.

The film, praised by many and even called “the best film ever made,” does not show the shooter’s thoughts. The lawyer is therefore afraid that the film images influence reality. Eastwood was supposed to explain what instructions he gave the actors.

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Prosecutors opposed

Prosecutors opposed the request. Eastwood himself was not a witness to the attack and therefore, according to them, it makes no sense to summon the American. They feel that the defense is trying to create “noise”.

In rejecting the request, the court emphasized that the three Americans, who were hailed as heroes and respectfully in the US, will testify this week. A man who was injured, the French-American professor Mark Moogalian, will also appear in court. The Americans and Moogalian played themselves in the movie.

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Clint Eastwood is not allowed to testify in Thalys case, which he made a film about


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