Coca-Cola: Hackers allegedly sell stolen data

Hackers have probably cracked the servers of Coca-Cola. The cyber criminals offer the stolen data for sale.

Hackers have targeted Coca-Cola, as reported by the US IT news site Bleepingcomputer. Cola would investigate a claim by the hacker group Stormous that they had managed to break into the soda giant’s network and stole data from some servers in the process. Coca-Cola has not yet confirmed the hacker attack, but is currently working with security authorities to verify the truthfulness of “Stormous’s” claim.

The Stormous hackers claim they were able to copy a total of 161GB of data from the Coca-Cola servers. The hackers now want to resell this Coca-Cola data. The cyber gangsters demand 1.65 bitcoin (currently the equivalent of around 60,753 euros) for the stolen data. Prospective buyers can, so to speak, view evidence to be able to check that it would actually be Coca-Cola data. According to Bleepingcomputer, the visible data includes compressed documents and text files with administrator data, emails and passwords, account data and ZIP archives for payment transactions and other sensitive data.

Coca-Cola won macabre vote

The hacker group had previously voted on their website who they should attack. Coca-Cola allegedly won this vote by a large margin, after which “Stormous” launched its hacking attack on Coca-Cola. According to their own statements, the cyber gangsters only needed a few days for this.

“Stormous” claims to have also successfully attacked Epic and allegedly stolen 200 GB of data from the video game manufacturer with information on 33 million users. Epic has not yet confirmed this data theft.

By the way: Stormous supports the Russian government in the Ukraine war.

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