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Coca-Cola Zero launches temporary winter variant with cinnamon flavor

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola comes with a temporary new flavor. It is a version of Coca-Cola Zero with… cinnamon. “70 percent of Belgians indicate that they are a fan of cinnamon in dishes and drinks,” the company says.

Cinnamon flavored soft drinks are not that popular, but the American soft drink group Coca-Cola already believes in it. Although the regular cola reportedly – no one knows the exact recipe – contains a bit of cinnamon, the producer wants to play that flavor out completely in a new variant of Coca-Cola Zero. The company announced this in a press release.


Coca-Cola commissioned a study of flavors that people associate with the winter period. “One in four answers cinnamon. However, the gold medal is for chocolate, with 30.9 percent, and chestnut comes in third with 17.5 percent, it sounds. “In Belgium, however, cinnamon remains a relatively little used flavor in dishes and drinks. Yet it appears that the woody sweet taste appeals to more than 70 percent of Belgians. ”

The limited editionversion of Coca-Cola Zero has been for sale in supermarkets in Belgium and Luxembourg since the beginning of this month. It is no coincidence that the launch coincides with Cinnamon Roll Day on October 4, a holiday that saw the light of day in Sweden in 1999 and since then annually puts the spotlight on the well-known sweets with cinnamon. The new drink will be on the shelves until March next year.


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