Coinpanion: Easily invest in crypto & NFTs

Investments in cryptocurrencies take a lot of time and money? No, says Coinpanion, the brand new app from Vienna. And for the start in Germany, PC-WELT readers will receive an exclusive voucher!

Coinpanion has also been launched in Germany since May. Founded in Austria, the app quickly found great success with well-known investors such as Bitpanda’s EX-CMO. It promises to make the crypto and NFT boom accessible to everyone.

Invest in Coinpanion today and secure 20 euros with the code “pcwelt20”.

Who is Coinpanion for?

Are you already investing your money in the stock market via online brokers or are you at least interested in investing in future markets and internet companies? Then you fall exactly into the target group of “Coinpanion”. This also applies if you already own cryptocurrencies or NFTs, but you don’t actually have the time to build up a professional and well thought-out portfolio. The “Coinpanion” app from Vienna offers a diversified and time-saving opportunity for crypto newcomers and advanced investors to pick the real raisins from the confusing market full of potential.

With the app you can invest in pre-sorted and promising crypto and NFT projects in just 5 minutes. Without any complicated registration or previous knowledge. The portfolios are intelligently specified by the app. You only choose based on your interest and willingness to take risks.

Getting into the crypto market has never been easier: As a PC-WELT reader, you even get a 20 euro deposit bonus with the

code “pcworld20”,

which you can enter after registration.

Invest with Coinpanion today and secure 20 euros

Invest in Crypto & NFTs with Coinpanion:


Invest in Crypto & NFTs with Coinpanion:

How exactly does Coinpanion work?

Especially in turbulent times like these, it might be advisable to diversify your portfolio and prefer smart professional portfolios to individual stocks. Coinpanion does exactly that: data-driven, 1000 different cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverse projects are analyzed and the most promising bundled into smart portfolios. Even DeFi titles have recently been represented, bringing so-called

Decentralized finance projects

are meant. So with Coinpanion you are actually investing in the world of tomorrow, as it involves technologies that are mostly still flying under the radar at the moment. But you do it without wasting any time.

After signing up, you can choose from pre-designed portfolios. Depending on the risk you want to take and which topics and trends of the new Internet interest you. More NFTs and Metaverse, more cryptocurrencies or the brand new “DeFi” portfolio? The latter includes the exciting technologies behind the crypto boom, such as smart contracts.

The cryptocurrencies within the portfolios are weighted in such a way that there is a good balance between risk and return. In addition, the investments are automatically adjusted to the market through smart rebalancing, which is why the portfolios always remain up-to-date.

The company thus accompanies the entire process: from simple market entry, ongoing optimization of crypto investments to automated tax reports and savings plans.

Advantages of Coinpanion at a glance

  • Time saving:

    no time-consuming research and analysis

  • Simplicity:

    Join with just a few clicks in just 5 minutes

  • Starting bonus:

    20 euros investment bonus and up to 500 euros referral bonus.

  • Environmentally friendly:

    All Coinpanion portfolios are CO2 neutral

  • Taxes made easy:

    Coinpanion creates your free tax report with one click

  • Made for everyone

    : Different portfolios according to your risk appetite

Invest in Coinpanion today and secure 20 euros with the code “pcwelt20”.

Well-known investors on board!

With online brokers, the origin and the founding team are very relevant. This is the only way to assess seriousness. Behind Coinpanion are well-known names such as the early-stage investor of unicorns like Ledger,, NYDIG and Crusoe Energy Systems – the founders of the credit comparison platform Andreas Kupke and Moritz Thiele as well as the former CMO of Bitpanda, Michael Pötscher.

Invest in Crypto & NFTs with Coinpanion:


Invest in Crypto & NFTs with Coinpanion:

In April, Coinpanion was able to increase the seed investment from autumn 2021 (note: 1.8 million euros) to a total of 5.5 million euros – one of the highest seed investments in Austrian startup history to date.

Founder Alexander Valtingojer and his team are now transporting this success to Germany, where the app has already been very well received. Even the Handelsblatt had already reported on the background in a big cover story for the launch.

Register with Coinpanion and benefit from the world of tomorrow

NFTs and metaverses are no longer just hypes. Almost all tech companies such as Facebook (Meta), Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Tesla and Apple are investing heavily in the area and hiring crypto experts. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently even stated that he owns cryptocurrencies.

If you want to benefit from these new trends in the future, Coinpanion might be an exciting place to start. As a PC-WELT reader, you will, as mentioned, receive a starting credit of 20 euros

the code “pcwelt20”,

once you have made your first investment. Registration is simple, Coinpanion is available as an app on iOS and Android.

Invest with Coinpanion today and secure 20 euros now

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