Collective no: Opposition will probably prevent “freestyle” for the time being

SPÖ will not agree

The proposals of the federal government make no sense for Rendi-Wagner: Test results two weeks old should also be used, and they want to go far beyond targeted access tests, for example for cultural institutions or nursing homes. “Therefore, the SPÖ will not agree to this amendment in this form.” The proposed law issued a “legally questionable blank check” to the government. She also criticized the short review period of just a few days and the fact that the parliamentary website had collapsed in view of the many statements: “These are anything but favorable conditions.”

In any case, the SPÖ is facing all discussions, including the round of talks with Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, said Rendi-Wagner. Her group wants to agree to the extension of the exit restrictions by the main committee because the number of infections is still too high.

“Cheek and slap in the face”

The Neos had previously said no. “We do not want to give this minister any more authorization,” said health spokesman Gerald Loacker in an online press conference. Anchober regularly exceeds the limits imposed by the law. What should now be decided is tantamount to parliamentary self-surrender.

Loacker also rated tomorrow’s appointment with the minister after the short period of appraisal as “cheek and slap in the face”. “This is a mock conversation,” he said. If the law is not changed significantly and the health minister’s scope for regulation is massively restricted, the neos would certainly not be able to agree.


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