Command & Conquer becomes open source

Jim Vessella allowed the game community to Reddit inform that the popular game is under a GPL version 3.0 license. The files TiberianDawn.dll, RedAlert.dll and the corresponding source code have been published. Command & Conquer is one of the first RTS game series that is ready in this way. n or activate JavaScript if it should be deactivated in your browser.

New gaming experiences possible

This makes it possible to incorporate your own maps, units, assets and gameplay logic into the classic gaming experience. Petroglyph has created a unit to help the game community a little.

The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection will be on Origin and from June 5th Steam available for the PC. Included are: Command & Conquer: The Tiberium Conflict, Command & Conquer: Red Alert and the three related extensions (The State of Emergency, Counterattack and Retaliatory Strike). The Command & Conquer Remastered Collection was created by EA, some of the former Westwood Studios team members who are now at Petroglyph work, and launched Lemon Sky Studios.


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