Comment: Don’t forget the combustion engines, we will continue to drive them for a long time!

The other day I drove ours electric endurance test car Kia e-Soul out of the garage, guess what? After a few hundred meters, I stopped thinking about the car I’m sitting in. I just used it. Because it worked well and me left alone.
Like a reliable washing machine – which is pretty much the only thing in my home that is electrically powered. My bike rides with muscle power, my cars with gasoline and diesel. So i amMobility traditionalist.

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo ™ for 499 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

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The fact that the ride in electro soul makes me happy is because the use completely effortless happens. With Burners I am more concerned with that Differences are much more pronouncedDuring the journey, I always mentally summarize the character of the car in a few sentences (comparison of costs with combustion versus electric cars).

Displacement dwarfs with lousy responsiveness

And increasingly I am angry about what some manufacturers put in front of us. Displacement dwarfs with a lot of charging and lousy responsiveness, Three-cylinder chatter, Vibrations and hum frequencies, too long gear ratios, inharmonious rolling behavior due to unexpected recuperation of the 48-volt electrical system – if you still feel something while driving, you will lose your appetite for many a combustion engine. E-cars run against it supple as twelve-cylinder, speak as spontaneously as sports cars, have the perfect gear ratio because they only have one gear. If an e-car fits into the usage profile and the charging station fits the house wall, then the Stromer can be a very pleasant everyday item.

We’ll still be driving with combustion engines after 2030

But isn’t that pretty banal too? In any case, I don’t look after my washing machine when I’ve removed the laundry clean. That’s why: Don’t neglect the burners, develops it further, makes them better, fascinates us with sophistication, treat us to that Experience the cultivated reciprocating engine. It is worth it! Because even if new combustion engines are banned here in 2030, we will drive them for a very long time – in some countries even longer.

A day later I went with one Toyota Supra out of the garage, guess what? After a few hundred meters I was in love.

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