Comment on electric cars: “Hello future, here is the present!”

And then come Messages like this one cracking us from cloud nine down to earth transport: Zurich insurance offers a Mobility guarantee for electric cars at. “The round-the-clock service includes transport to the nearest charging station or mobile charging of the vehicle if the battery capacity does not reach the next charging point through no fault of your own”, it says. I know mobility insurances that are for cars that break down. Do electric cars have a built-in breakdown? Almost sounds like it.

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Vattenfall wallbox

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The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo ™ for 499 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

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You have to advocate a mobile future that will be electric and CO2 neutral! But autosuggestion includes that To face realities:
1. Depending on how it is used, the e-car will be available to us for the foreseeable future cannot offer the usual mobilitybut imposing restrictions.
2. Many models are initially more for High earners or Company car users interesting, preferably with a charging station at your own home.
3. Because of the low amounts of energy on board we will too Slow drivers – or risk being removed by Zurich. (Click here for the pros and cons of electric cars and a comparison of costs between electric cars and combustion engines!)

375,000 e-cars, 48 ​​million combustion engines

When it comes to new registrations, electric cars are booming, that’s fine. However: a stock of around 375,000 battery electric cars stand more than 48 million combustion cars opposite to. They will drive through Germany for many years to come and also dominate the used market.

There is no need to have a guilty conscience

So if you don’t order an electric car today or tomorrow, you should no bad conscience to have. My BMW 3 Series Touring – a five-year-old Euro 6 diesel that is only clean on paper – is only filling up after 950 kilometers. Abolishing it would be neither economical nor sustainable. my Neighbor Lars has the roof full of solar cells and produces more electricity than it can use. Driving with it for free and ecologically is pure car fascination. I advised him to switch to electro. Immediately.

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