Comment: The end of combustion engines has long since begun!

As a “Carguy” I am saddened by the news. However, the foreseeable end for combustion engines is not surprising. Looking at the current car market, the end of combustion engines has long since begun – at least here in Europe, especially for car enthusiasts like me!
For example the Nissan GT-R R35. In Europe, Godzilla died in March 2022! The emission requirements – and also the sluggish development of Nissan – have killed the supercar.

The cheap sports cars with combustion engines are disappearing

The development becomes even more tragic when we talk about affordable sports cars. I followed all the driving impressions of the new Nissan Z in the media with enthusiasm. How much I was looking forward to the successor to the 370Z. But he didn’t even make it to Europe.
The emission requirements also ensure that the Toyota GR86 will only be produced until 2023. And the annual production planned for Europe in 2022 has already been sold out.
Combustion sports cars between 30,000 and 40,000 euros are already on the verge of extinction! This also applies to hot hatches such as Ford Focus ST, Fiesta ST, Honda Civic Type R, VW Polo/Golf GTI and more. The model designations will perhaps remain the same, but the drive concept will change significantly. Emotionally sad. rationally correct.

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