Commercial fail on Instagram: racism allegations against VW

Racism allegation against VW

There is criticism for a VW commercial on Instagram. What Volkswagen says about the racism allegations.

(dpa) After heavy criticism of an advertising spot posted on Instagram for the new Golf, Volkswagen has apologized for the video. The short sequence, which triggered strong reactions in the social networks, shows a black man being pushed through the picture by a huge white hand and then flicked into the entrance of a house. “Without question: the video is wrong and tasteless,” the company said on Wednesday in Wolfsburg. One can understand that the clip leads to outrage and anger among many observers. “We distance ourselves from it and apologize for it. We will explain how this could happen – and draw the consequences.”

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For a moment, towards the end of the advertising film for the new Golf model, there was also a sequence of letters, the insertion of which suggested the word “Negro”. “Against the background of our own company history, Volkswagen is positioning itself against all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination,” said the Wolfsburg-based company. The clip had also been seen on Twitter.

VW’s first reaction also met with criticism

A first apology had previously been spread on Instagram. “As you can imagine, we are surprised and shocked that our Instagram story can be so misunderstood,” VW wrote there first. This was met with criticism again in places. One user wrote: “So everything just imagined and a misunderstanding? Sorry, but we are not imagining racism.” VW then specified its apology. The company also emphasized: “Many initiatives within the company and in our global workforce promote diversity, integration and unprejudiced cooperation.”

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