communities are going to have to speed up

The government’s auto industry support plan is sweeping wide. Wishing to favor a revival focused on the least polluting vehicle, it notably requires communities to follow the movement. Converting fleets to zero emissions, funding aid: public organizations will have to get active.

The recovery will be resolutely electric. After the announcement of bonus increases reserved for cleaner vehicles and the delusional milestone of 100,000 terminals, the government is revealing other levers to accelerate the transition. In particular, it wants to impose on public buyers a target of 50% of “electric, hybrid or hydrogen” vehicles in their fleets. This proportion will concern private vehicles, light commercial vehicles as well as industrial vehicles. The state, communities and public establishments will even be obliged to buy electricity when they order vehicles of segment B2, which corresponds to city cars like the Clio and the 208. These measures must be adopted by the government in a few weeks via a circular.

Local authorities are also asked to finance alongside the State 50% of new aid: the bonus on conversion of 2,000 euros. A bonus reserved for electric and hybrid-rechargeable vehicles purchased by residents or workers of an EPZ (Low Emission Zone) limited to 200,000 orders. With the restoration of the premium for the purchase of a hybrid-rechargeable car (2,000 euros), they are also called upon to offer charging station installations to their users. The objective is to encourage people to drive in electric mode rather than with the petrol engine of these vehicles.


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