Community: Stars give fans their mobile number and chat with them

Eminem is not the first celebrity to use the community app to connect with fans.

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The musician Eminem tweeted a cell phone number last Monday. He called on his fans to write to him and said that he would also get back.

The given number of the rapper is not his personal number, but comes from the community. Community is a text marketing startup that works with celebrities and influencers. This is essentially an SMS version of a standard email marketing tool like Mailchimp.

Eminem uses community for advertising

Community gives each celebrity who participates an individual phone number that he can pass on to his fans. Then fans can sign up to receive messages from a famous person like Eminem. To do this, they have to provide information about themselves, similar to a newsletter subscription. In the case of Eminem, however, the artist appears to be using his community number to promote merchandise and new music that he releases to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his album “The Marshall Mathers LP”.

So far, some famous people have worked with the app. These include, for example, the musician Paul McCartney, the Jonas Brothers and Jennifer Lopez as well as influencers like Jake Paul.

“I only promoted it a little, and I have about 10,000 people on my news platform,” Joshua Weissman, a food influencer, told last month. “I sent an SMS and it went to 9,900 people. Around 98 percent have opened the message. “That is a high engagement rate.

How celebrities and influencers have used the app so far

Community can also serve as an advertising tool to promote direct sales to consumers. However, the app also enables its users to react directly to text messages from fans and send things like personalized birthday messages – this increases the proximity between celebrity and fan. Weissman told that he particularly likes the app function, birthday notifications would get well.

“If it is about ten people’s birthday that day, I just take 30 minutes and send a video message. So I can personally congratulate people on their birthday, ”he said. In turn, this strengthens the loyalty of the fans to the influencer.

In addition to recording a fan’s birth dates, the community also asks for their name, gender, city and email address when registering – which is optional. At the same time, users also agree to the company’s terms of use and data protection guidelines.

Not all messages are written by the celebrities or influencers themselves

However, the Community terms of use states that it is possible that not all messages will be sent directly by the influencer or celebrity. “A message that a customer sends can actually be sent by a PR agent or other media representative who writes on their behalf,” says the company.

The company also states in its terms that any text that a user sends back can be used by the community to “develop, manufacture and market products and / or services”.

Community only started last year and is therefore still a relative newcomer to the world of influencer marketing. However, its direct messaging format also corresponds to a general trend in the industry to want to expand the interaction between celebrities and their fans. Among other things, Ashton Kutcher also invested in the company in 2019.

The app’s biggest selling point is that it gives celebrities and influencers access to a fan’s cell phone number. In contrast to social media accounts or even email addresses, users usually keep this number for years.

It is certainly exciting to see whether Eminem will continue to use the app outside of its promotion.

This article has been translated from English by Claudia Saatz. You can read the original here.


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