Compact Europe Tesla: Musk wants to develop a local electric car – format like VW ID.3

Tesla’s electric cars are already enjoying great popularity, but CEO Elon Musk is not yet satisfied with them: They are not yet affordable enough, he said at his company’s large battery information day, and gave a target price of $ 25,000 for the next Tesla model . On other occasions he had also announced that a local Tesla would be developed in both China and Germany and then produced. And he has now revealed some more information about the one from the German Gigafactory.

New Tesla in Golf and ID.3 format

Musk got the opportunity to do so this Tuesday as an interview guest at an EU battery conference, which aims to break China’s dominance as a supplier of cells as the basic building blocks for clean cars and energy storage. In doing so, she can count on the support of Tesla: Batteries will also be produced in the Gigafactory near Berlin, confirmed Musk in the interview – more than anywhere else in the world. The 250 gigawatt hours he cited for Giga Berlin alone roughly correspond to the current total capacity worldwide.

As Musk explained at his own battery day, the self-developed cells in the larger 4680 format are the prerequisite for the planned “convincing” electric car at a lower price. Now he repeated that a compact size would probably make sense for the version from Europe. For the first time, Musk also spoke of a “hatchback”. As with other modern car formats, there is no real German equivalent for this, but usually five-door models with a large, sloping trunk lid such as the VW Golf and its reinterpretation of the electric car ID.3 are meant.

Musk said in the EU interview that he was recently in a Tesla Model X in Berlin and had difficulties finding parking spaces there with the large SUV. That and the European taste are the reason that the planned Tesla from Germany will be compact. Theoretically, the German competitor and pursuer Volkswagen would already have a basis for the ID.3 and many offshoots with the MEB platform, which it has also offered other manufacturers (Ford and Fisker want to make use of it). An industry analyst on Twitter reported that a Tesla insider had described this idea as not absurd.


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