Companies invested more than 2 billion euros in the environment

Environmental investments can fluctuate considerably from year to year, writes Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in an explanation of the figures.

Large projects, such as offshore wind farms, are only included in these CBS figures when they are put into operation.

Cleaner energy

This was also the case in 2015 and 2016, for example. In those years, companies also invested around 2 billion euros in the environment in the form of investments that do not pay for themselves within three years.

Of the more than two billion euros, the vast majority, 94 percent, was spent on facilities that should ensure better air quality or cleaner energy. This concerns, for example, wind farms, solar farms, air filters and catalytic converters.

Compared to that, the other investments are small beer. For example, 85 million euros went to improving water quality, 32 million to combating soil pollution and 4 million to processing waste.

Everything is relative

Energy companies in particular invest a lot of money in environmental investments. The CBS figures for 2019, the most recent in which the breakdown by sectors is made, shows that they account for 85 percent of these investments. The chemical, oil and food industries also invested relatively much.

Environmental investments now make up about 14 percent of all investments that Dutch companies make every year. That is a lot more than the 3 percent in 1975.

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