Companies pull out all the stops for staff: ‘You get a new house’

John Bijl is still amazed. He posted a message on LinkedIn: “If you come work for me, you get this house.” It got him over 100 responses. His company, Vitro Plus, grows 50 million ferns a year, which are exported to 70 countries. The company says it is growing fast. But finding staff turned out to be ‘a drama’.

When some people left the chaos was complete. “We had to come up with something,” says Bijl. “People need to know you exist.” He came into contact with a park near where Tiny Houses are located. That’s how he came up with the idea of ​​renting one and thus attracting staff.

Affordable home

So there was enthusiasm for that. He received many reactions and had a wide choice. Bijl: “The municipality is now also saying: we want to build more of these types of houses to attract starters.” Because those starters can hardly find a place in the tight housing market and this saves a search. Employees must also pay the rent themselves.

The entrepreneur has been helped out for now, but also says: “We are growing fast, companies around us too. But staff must be able to live somewhere. They don’t want to stay in their Tiny House forever.”

‘Car or laptop no longer enough’

In a tight labor market, Hafid Ballafkih, employment researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, sees companies more often ‘stunting’ with extras.

Holidays, a welcome bonus, companies often offer something extra, ‘often short and sweet’. If you want to attract and retain staff, it is better to focus on the longer term, he believes. “With a holiday you no longer stand out.”

“Think of good working conditions and good working conditions. Salary, holidays, a company bicycle, but also attractive work and a nice working environment.”

‘Work is more than making money’

Tamara Rood, strategic recruitment consultant, agrees. “Work is not just about making money, but also about giving meaning.” A welcome bonus is of course nice if you go to work somewhere, she says, but ‘if work is not satisfying, you are so exhausted with all the consequences that entails’.

Rood mainly works with large companies. She pleads for genuine attention and interest in the people who work for you. “The gap between what companies and their managers think and what employees want is huge.”

Bonus of 2500 euros

At the IT consultancy Team Rockstars IT, they try to find and keep people in all kinds of ways. “We have attracted 150 new colleagues this year, all from our own network,” says co-founder Bart Nijskens.

“If our employees nominate someone, they receive 2500 euros per new colleague. If they bring in three, they also receive a special leather jacket.”

Dating agency or ironing service: employee gets it

Bringing people in is one thing, keeping them is another. But Nijskens has also come up with something for that. His IT people are approached dozens of times a day by recruiters. Still, he managed to keep 95 percent, he says, with the help of all kinds of extra services.

As a kind of personal assistance, employees can outsource many things. Do the shirts have to be ironed? Is controlled. Need pension advice? Is controlled. Looking for a date? Is controlled.

Nijskens: “In addition, employees can register for the jobs they like.” And there is a financial incentive behind that. “You share in the proceeds.”

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