Company Car Award 2021: These are the most popular company cars

Of course, the car market was also struggling with the effects of the pandemic. People had different priorities than buying a new automobile. With a total of just once 196,972 new car registrations, for example, were in September According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the weakest month since 1991. Once again, the share of commercially registered vehicles in the overall market, i.e. the so-called vehicles, proved to be a reliable support Service or company car. According to KBA information, their share amounted to around the end of September 66 percent of all new registrations and was around four points higher than in the previous year. In the luxury class segment, the share of new registrations by commercial owners even amounted to a little more than 85 percent. (All information about company cars.)

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The most popular company cars in 2021

The reader’s taste decides

Since 2018 At AUTO BILD, Europe’s largest car newspaper, we want to know each year which models are the most popular among company cars. And completely individually according to the personal taste of our readers. So completely regardless of the official registration numbers. There is hardly any other way of assessing it, because the variety of commercially used vehicles is at least as large as their areas of application. Regardless of whether it’s a fast city hopper or a luxurious long-haul limousine, they are all means to an end for women or men at the wheel. And always when mobility is the prerequisite for earning a living.

Car subscriptions are becoming more and more important

In order to do justice to this diversity, the editorial staff again Models in six categories to choose from – from the small car to the representatives of the upper middle class. Buying or leasing, these were the common procurement models for company cars until recently. For several years, however, this has been winning Car subscription more and more followers. Many suppliers, including automobile manufacturers, are pushing into this growth market in order to secure a piece of the pie. The question of the most popular subscription provider completes our choice this year. These are the 2021 winners.

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