Company Car Award 2021: vote now and win!

Company cars keep Germany running – from useful everyday helpers to status symbols. And they are still among the coveted fringe benefits that employees want from their employers. From January to July 2021, around 1.6 million cars were newly registered in Germany, 66.9 percent of which were registered for commercial owners – this corresponds to more than a million company cars. In addition to numerous small cars that are approved for delivery and care services, the market is dominated by models from the compact and mid-range, i.e. classic representative cars.
Interesting: Environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric cars and plug-in hybrids are gaining momentum in company car fleets. The reasons for this are the generous environmental bonus and tax advantages.

The choice of the best company car in 2021

You have the choice

AUTO BILD is presenting the company car award for the fourth time in 2021. And you, dear readers, choose the winners again!
The vehicles available for selection represent the German company car market and show the variety of models. The five most frequently registered models of German car manufacturers and the five registration kings of the importers are nominated in seven classes (KBA statistics 1–7 / 2021, commercial owners). There are also five auto-subscription start-ups to choose from this time. The new business model has become a real leasing alternative.

Car subscriptions are all the rage

Subscription, sure, who doesn’t think of newspapers or magazines first? However, TV and music offers are increasingly being subscribed to at a fixed monthly rate. And cars. More and more employers appreciate offering their employees a company car on a subscription instead of the usual leasing. The advantages are apparent. Subscription cars are billed at a monthly flat rate. If you drive a subscription car, you don’t have to worry about insurance, taxes or inspection costs. The terms are usually shorter than with leasing contracts. This gives those authorized to use a company car the opportunity to change models more quickly.
Very important: There is no residual value risk. If, at the end of the leasing contract, there is often a risk of high deductions from the agreed return amount because dents and scratches are found during the appraisal, subscription cars are usually returned to the provider without additional payments. Users of subscription cars should only keep an eye on the additional kilometers. If the agreed mileage is exceeded, the additional kilometers driven will be billed separately by the subscription company.

Take part and win winter tires!

Bridegstone winter tire set

Vote for your favorites and win one of five sets of Bridgestone tires.

The best: you can win too! We are giving away five sets of Bridgestone winter tires to all participants. Safe on the road in the cold season, that’s the promise of the Blizzak LM005 winter tire from Bridgestone. Whether on a dry or snowy road – the tire, which has received multiple awards in tests, impresses with its performance, and with top marks on a wet track. The NanoPro-Tech mixture manufactured by Bridgestone ensures grip. The high silica content and the profile design guarantee uniform performance and excellent adhesion. Would you like to prepare for winter? Then vote for your favorites! With a little luck you will win one of five sets of tires.

The choice of the best company car in 2021

How to participate

You can only vote for one vehicle in each category. It’s worth taking part: As a prize you can win one of five sets of Bridgestone winter tires! The closing date for entries is September 19, 2021, midnight.

The conditions of participation for competitions on apply. Legal recourse and cash payments are final. Employees of Axel Springer SE, its subsidiaries and the companies involved are not allowed to participate. Participation is possible from the age of 18 and with residence in Germany.

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