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If you open several PDF files, each of them gets its own register in the reader. To compare two PDF documents, it is advisable to start a second instance of the reader. That’s how it’s done.

Normally you open PDF files with a double click in Explorer and load them into Adobe Reader – provided the program is set as the standard for the PDF format. Each additional PDF that you open in this way has its own tab in the reader. If you want to compare two PDF documents with each other, that is rather a hindrance, because you have to constantly switch back and forth between the two tabs.

It would be better if you could start a second instance of the reader, load the second PDF and then put the two programs next to each other.

That’s how it’s done:

Open the two files in Adobe Reader, click on the tab and drag the PDF aside while holding down the left mouse button. The tool shows a preview of the first page of the document. If you now release the mouse button outside the display window, Adobe Reader opens a second program instance with the loaded PDF. In the same way, you can transfer the PDF from the second reader back into the first program later.



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