Compensation for terrorist victims: currently 40 to 50 victims

Social Affairs Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) emphasized on Monday at a press conference that we are working closely with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice with regard to victim compensation. The aim is “a solution that is as good as possible and appropriate to the affected person”. Last Thursday, the White Ring Crime Victims Aid required full access to the benefits of the Crime Victims Act for all people who were in the vicinity of the terrorist attack, which would include the assumption of costs for psychotherapy, lump sum compensation for pain and suffering, and loss of earnings and maintenance. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, this proposal, especially the inclusion of shocked victims in a local and temporal context, but without direct contact with the attack, is currently being examined.

Meanwhile, the President of the Financial Procuratorate, Wolfang Peschorn, called on those affected in the Ö1 “Morgenjournal” to submit claims for compensation under the Crime Victims Act. This offers a legal basis to get help quickly and immediately. “The state has a responsibility to alleviate this suffering,” emphasized Peschorn.


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