Compensation of victims of allowance affair is not moving forward

A total of 4000 victims have now had such an integral assessment, according to the eighth progress report that will be sent to the House of Representatives today. That is much less than planned.

‘Takes time’

Before the summer, State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen (Finance) already said that an integral assessment of individual cases ‘really takes time’. She warned that it would probably not be possible to completely handle more than 8,000 files this year, as had previously been planned.

Some of the 1,600 cases that were settled in the summer would also have been speeded up. The pace is expected to decrease rather than increase in the coming period.

Partly at the insistence of the House of Representatives, experiments were conducted this summer with the complete handling of cases in one day. The idea was that the victim would come by with all the documentation and then receive a decision the same day. The progress report should clarify whether this approach is successful and can be implemented more widely.

‘I’m not going to cheat people’

Tens of thousands of people have already reported as victims. It is already clear that the settlement will take a long time. During the debate of the General Reflections last week, outgoing Prime Minister Rutte did not want to say how long exactly.

“I can’t promise when it will be ready, I’m not going to cheat people,” Rutte said. “The situation is so complex that it is impossible to put a date on it.”

Compensation takes place in two steps. Anyone who has been recognized as a victim of the allowance affair will receive an amount of 30,000 euros as compensation for the suffering suffered. Anyone who has incorrectly had to repay more than 30,000 euros in allowances can then receive a comprehensive assessment of his or her file.

Additional fee

Once your case has been fully assessed, you can also go to the Actual Damages Committee (CWS). He or she will check whether there is an additional reimbursement for follow-up costs, if, for example, you have lost your house or job due to the allowance misery, have not been able to complete your education or have suffered from psychological problems.

Chiara is one of the victims who has been waiting for months for compensation:

A few weeks ago it was announced that things are piling up and that at the current pace it will take years and years before everyone who reports to the CWS has a definitive answer.

Report on memo

At the same time as the progress report is published, the long-awaited PWC investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the memo Palms will also be released. In this internal document from the Tax Authorities, which dates from 2017, the allowance affair is already described. The advice is to compensate affected parents, but nothing will be done about it neither in 2017 nor in 2019 – if the memo resurfaces.

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