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Selected products in tabular overview

Compressor boxes tested by Dometic

Dometic CFX3 35

EUR 799.00

1.2 (very good)

Compressor boxes tested by Truma

Truma Cooler C36

EUR 799.00

1.6 (good)

Product test cool boxes

Berger B 40-T

EUR 349.00

1.8 (good)

Compressor boxes tested by Truma

Truma Cooler C69 DZ

1299.00 EUR

2.0 (good)

Compressor boxes tested Engel

Angel MR040-G3N

EUR 499.00

3.0 (satisfactory)

Keeping grilled meat fresh, cooling drinks, storing food – one cooling box is essential when camping. While most large motorhomes come with convenient refrigerators from the factory, something like this is in trend right now smaller mobile homes or bus conversions Not often. Then the cool box must be purchased separately. For longer camping trips, powerful ones are best compressor coolers. AUTO BILD looked at and tested five models with a capacity of 39 to 69 liters.

Winner in the AUTO BILD compressor cool box test: Dometic CFX3 35

Dometic CFX3 35 compressor cooler

CFX3 35
  • very fast cooling
  • light weight
  • smartphone app

Price €799.00

The test win admits the Dometic CFX3 35 With almost full score away. Especially when it comes to cooling, she steps on the gas: after just 30 minutes she has reached minus 15 degrees, and the thermometer continues to climb down to minus 24 degrees. The cool box has a capacity of 39 liters, is well divided and weighs 17 kilos comparatively easy. The high-quality workmanship and smartphone app round off the overall picture. Overall, the box gets the grade “very good” and thus secures victory. In the test, the Dometic CFX3 35 67 out of 70 points and received a grade of 1.2 (very good).

Price-performance winner Fritz Berger B40-T

Compressor cool box Fritz Berger B40-T

  • good cooling performance
  • handy when transporting
  • cheap price

Price €349.00

At 349 euros, the Fritz Berger box is the cheapest of all test participants. It also scores with good cooling performance. The wheels and the pull-out handle are practical for transport. In the test, the Fritz Berger B40-T achieved 59 out of 70 points and received a grade of 1.8 (good).

How AUTO BILD tested it

First and foremost, the compressor coolers had to have their place perfomance in matters cooling prove. They were cooled down in a room with a constant ambient temperature and the temperature was measured every ten minutes. Then her division reviewed and that handling as well as the processing rated. In the practical test, the boxes were allowed to ride in the camper and show how they support everyday camping life.

The test results at a glance

The test shows that when it comes to cooling, all compressor boxes can show good performance. All cool quickly and quickly reach freezer temperatures. bigger differences however, show up in things service. The Engel box, for example, is comparatively cheap at around 500 euros, but it does without any comfort. the temperature setting takes place in stages and not degree-precisely, there are none lightingnone battery monitor and neither apartment. Opening the box is a bit cumbersome due to the click fasteners: if you have purchases in your hand, for example, you have to put them down first because you cannot open the box with one hand.

Compressor coolers (2021): test – camping – mobile home

Which box cools best?

The two boxes from Truma, on the other hand, offer everything your heart desires – in principle they are equivalent and have the same functions. The larger variant C69 DZ only needs a little longer to cool down, as it has a larger volume and in two different zones cools Practical: there is an app that can be used to control the Truma boxes. Dometic’s test winner box can also be set using an app. In addition, it cools down the fastest of all test candidates. The compressor cool box from Fritz Berger does not have app control, but it has something else ahead of the other boxes: it has rubber wheels and one extendable handleto facilitate transportation.

Conclusion on the compressor cooler test

If you want sub-zero temperatures and high cooling performance, you can’t avoid a compressor cool box. There are good models at moderate prices, the differences are mainly in functions and workmanship.

How do compressor coolers work?

Compressor coolers work like a “real” refrigerator. As the name suggests, they come with a compressor and coolant fitted. The coolant is compressed using the compressor and then evaporated; the gas extracts the ambient heat and the box cools down accordingly. As a result, compressor boxes work reliably and cool – unlike thermoelectric coolers – regardless of the outside temperature. Most models can be set to the exact degree – even minus degrees are possible. But the compressor makes the boxes comparatively heavy.

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