Concerns about energy prices | Financial considerations | And Van Haga wants LinkedIn back

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Concerns about rising energy prices. Not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe, prices are skyrocketing. Last night EU leaders discussed it in Slovenia and today the European Parliament is debating the issue. The big question is: can politics intervene and how? Political reporter Roel Schreinemachers is at the EU summit and will update you at 10:00. RTL Z. Watching (costs electricity).

How is the landlord levy really changed? That will be an important theme today in the General Financial Considerations in the House of Representatives. After Budget Day, it already became clear that a majority of the House of Representatives wants to at least reduce the tax for housing associations, but that already seems insufficient to really help the social landlords.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Wybren van Haga has really important matters on his mind. He wants so badly to be able to LinkedIn again, but LinkedIn has taken his profile away from him. The stumbling blocks were messages from the politician about corona, which, according to the company, contain untruths. The judge will rule today on whether Van Haga should get his account back.

At Buy a cow they don’t just sell cows anymore, and they are now also called Black-tailed Godwit. But the goal remains the same: “We have to pay fairly for good and healthy food.”

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