Confusion at the Tesla Supercharger: Stranger’s electric cars were seen charging for free

At first, the YouTuber couple are having a lot of fun: They are sitting in their Tesla Model 3 at a Supercharger station for another post when an e-Golf is parked next to them. You speak to its driver and explain that the stations there are only intended for Teslas and that they work. He points out, however, that “only for Tesla” is available at some of the stations, while “free for electric vehicles” at the others. The YouTubers let him go, assuming that the loading attempt will fail. But at least the CCS plug and socket on the cable and the e-Golf fit together – and the third-party electric car actually gets electricity there, and even for free.

With the new e-Golf to the Tesla station

As it turns out, the third-party charger has only just received its e-Golf and just assumed that it could also be charged at Tesla. Confused, the YouTuber films the charging process – the light on the socket lights up green, and active charging is also displayed in the cockpit. The golf driver’s wife is also pleased to point out that all of this works without a credit card or bank account. In a YouTube video, what happened this Thursday evening on the Tesla supercharger Braak in northern Germany is documented.

And apparently this happens more often. In the comments on the video, it was mentioned that Tesla’s charging also works with the popular Renault Zoe electric car. A reader of also reported that he observed a Hyundai Kona Elektro charging successfully on the same Supercharger on Friday evening. That worked on two different pillars.

Simply drive to the charging station, plug in the cable and get power – this experience has so far been reserved for Tesla drivers at fast CCS columns, while others first have to authenticate themselves with cards, apps or chips. That should change at Ionity, among others, but so far only Teslas have mastered direct communication with the charging stations. When plugged in, the electric car and the column exchange data; if everything fits, the flow of electricity is activated, the amount recorded and then calculated.

Probably a bug in Tesla’s new V3 station

In some comments on the golf video, the hope was expressed that Tesla had opened its superchargers for other electric cars, which CEO Elon Musk has declared to be basically conceivable. It is more likely that something is not working properly in Braak. The YouTubers tested whether their Tesla Model 3 could get electricity there without billing, but the first kilowatt hour was shown on the display with the price. With a little administrative help from the better-known YouTuber Ove Kröger, they came up with a preliminary explanation: The e-Golf was charging on one of Tesla’s new V3 superchargers; in these, communication with electric cars takes place using a different protocol, and that has probably not yet been implemented correctly.

In the meantime, Tesla has also started to convert more and more old superchargers to V3 or to set up new stations with it – most recently at Germany’s first urban location in Berlin. Two German V3 stations are currently active in Wismar and Hermsdorf, and more are being prepared. So far, however, there have apparently only been reports of free charging processes with third-party electric cars from Braak. But the video of the surprised YouTubers should ensure that at least more information about tests at Tesla’s other V3 locations will soon be available. Update: A reader in the forum reports that an e-Golf and a Hyundai Ioniq have already successfully charged on the Supercharger in Hermsdorf.


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