‘Connector’ Laschet succeeds Angela Merkel as leader of the CDU

Today the 1,001 delegates of the Christian Democratic CDU decided at a virtual conference who will be the new party chairman. A first round of voting did not offer any solution. A second round yes: Laschet won with 521 against 466 votes from Merz.

“It is clearly a choice for a continuation of Merkel’s policy. A connector in the party,” responds correspondent Jeroen Akkermans. He is a man of the middle who, to a large extent, wants to continue Merkel’s line.

Well acquainted with the Netherlands

“Laschet is well acquainted with the Netherlands as Prime Minister of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which borders the Netherlands. He has had a lot of contact with the Netherlands in recent times, especially during the corona pandemic,” says Akkermans.

The election results will not be officially announced until January 22. “There has also been a postal vote to make sure the election is fair.”

Laschet thus becomes the new party leader of the CDU, which is now at the top of the German polls. It remains to be seen whether he will also become the new chancellor of Germany. “The chancellor will be determined in March,” says Akkermans. “The CDU will have a look at how things are going in the polls. The CDU is far ahead at the moment. If the polls collapse, the CDU will have a big problem and it could be that someone else will be chosen.”


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