Conner Rousseau announces new name sp.a: FORWARD

The socialist party in Belgium is no longer called sp.a, but FORWARD. Chairman Conner Rousseau just announced the news via social media. FORWARD is not just a new name, but a completely new movement.

It had been known for some time that innovation was imminent at sp.a, but now chairman Conner Rousseau has also officially announced it. The party is given a new name: FORWARD. But the name change also has a deeper meaning.


“It will be a movement with a view to the future with which we want to bring all progressive Flemish people together and participate in politics in a new, positive way,” Rousseau says. That new way keeps, among other things bottom up in, everyone’s participation.


All changes must be completed by December. This is also the start of a broad public consultation round, “in which we want to involve all progressive Flemish and Brussels residents to discuss the major challenges of our time.”

“Together we want to shape the future, so that we can all move forward again,” says Conner Rousseau. The chairman immediately announced at his election that he would be thinking about a new name for the party, and he has now found it.


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