Conner Rousseau (sp.a) shows bare bones in solidarity with the Finnish prime minister

Sp.a chairman Conner Rousseau thinks it is scandalous that Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin came under fire for appearing in a fashion magazine wearing only a blazer. To support her, Rousseau posted a photo on Instagram with a similar plunging neckline. “Because women are still judged too much on their appearance,” wrote the 27-year-old politician in his post.


Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has recently been criticized for appearing on the cover of a women’s magazine wearing a blazer that she wore nothing under. Rousseau finds it a shame that Marin came under fire and that is why he posted a photo showing his bare bark.

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“Prudish people”

On Instagramstories he gave a word of explanation: “Why do I post such a photo? To support Sanna Marin. ”

“I got to know the Prime Minister of Finland as a strong, capable lady. Who had to lead Finland at a young age in difficult times. Now she is criticized for showing a little cleavage. So What? We are 2020 hey, prude people. ”

Rousseau also called on people to do the same: “Come on, where is that picture of your cleavage?”

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Rousseau isn’t alone in expressing his support for Marin, however. Hundreds of Finnish men and women support their prime minister by sharing a photo in an equally low-cut vest on social media.

In the fashion magazine, Marin also gave an interview about her job, her family and gender equality. Marin indicated, among other things, that the appearance of a woman is almost always the subject of debate in Finland. That’s why she usually opts for the same kind of outfit, including a blazer.

Marin is 37 years old and is the youngest Prime Minister Finland has ever known. She is a member of the Social Democratic Party and is the country’s third female prime minister.

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