Consultation committee is today making decisions about terraces and events

Today the Consultation Committee meets again. The conditions for the relaxation of the coming weeks will be discussed. Last week’s Consultation Committee gave some dates on which, based on the vaccination coverage, relaxation can be introduced. But those relaxations have yet to be documented in detail.

Last week, the Consultation Committee came up with a broad schedule. In addition, relaxations were planned for April 19, April 26 and May 8. Today’s session will mainly discuss the measures of 8 May.


A tricky item on the agenda will thus be the reopening of the terraces of catering businesses. It is now scheduled for May 8, but there are no concrete conditions yet. They will probably be similar to the rules that were in force in October. In addition, payment was made as contactless as possible and you had to wear a mouth mask if you stood up to go to the toilet, for example.

This time, up to six people should be allowed to sit at one table. These six must belong to the same bubble or be regular hug contacts. There will probably be another 1.5 meters of space between the various tables.

One point that will probably be heavily negotiated today is the closing time of the catering industry. It is currently prohibited to sell alcohol after 20 hours. But catering establishments can no longer run a second shift in the evening with a closing time of 20 hours. That is why they would like to be able to stay open until 11 pm. But then the alcohol ban must also be reviewed after 20 hours.


The events sector will also receive some answers today about the restart. It is also scheduled for May 8. But it is not yet clear how cultural events will be able to continue from that day on.

Most likely it will be outdoor events with a maximum of 50 people. But the events sector wants to organize events with 200 people outside and 100 people inside from 8 May. The latter in particular seems very ambitious.


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