Consumer advice center warns against rip-offs with snacks containing insects

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In a market check, the Brandenburg consumer center checked 32 insect-containing foods from stationary retail for nutritional values, labeling and advertising messages – with an unsatisfactory result.

Since there are hardly any legal requirements regarding production and trade, the labeling of many products shows defects and only provides incomplete allergy information. In some cases, it is advertised with inadmissible nutrition and health-related claims: The consumer advice center has discovered that numerous products are advertised with claims such as “rich in protein” without containing the minimum protein content.

In addition, the products often contain only a small amount of insects and are high in sugar and salty. At an average of 43 euros per 100 grams, they are also very expensive.

Since products containing insects can contain pathogenic germs, methods of killing germs are particularly important – for example by heating. Nevertheless, almost 60 percent of the foods examined lacked information about the manufacturing process.

There is therefore a need for stricter EU guidelines for production and trade. But food control must also monitor more closely and act in the event of violations.


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