Consumer advocates warn of fan heaters and name alternatives

Under no circumstances should you heat with electric fan heaters instead of gas. This is the reason and this is how energy can be saved.

Winter is fast approaching and at the same time there could be a shortage of gas for heating. Perhaps one or the other consumer also thinks that heating with electricity would cost less than heating with gas. Some people quickly buy a fan heater that runs on electricity. But consumer advocates expressly warn against the use of emergency solutions such as fan heaters or oil radiators.

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Because electric heaters (fan heaters, oil radiators, infrared heaters) are cheap to buy, but expensive to operate, as the Brandenburg consumer advice center emphasizes. The consumer advocates state unequivocally: “As long as natural gas, heating oil or wood pellets are cheaper than electricity and available, it makes no economic sense to switch to electric heating. Although the prices for natural gas have risen enormously, they are still well below the current electricity prices”. And further: “The costs per kilowatt hour of heat could therefore almost triple when using fan heaters or infrared heaters”.

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Such electrically operated heaters only make sense if the gas supply should actually collapse. Electric fan heaters represent an absolute emergency solution, but are not suitable as a standard heating solution.

That’s what consumer advocates recommend to save energy

  • Electric heating only in the event of a gas supply failure

  • Reduce the room temperature a little: Every degree of room temperature less reduces consumption by around 6 percent (note: heat and ventilate all rooms adequately to prevent mold growth)

  • Seal leaky windows and doors, using portable draft excluders if necessary. If necessary, readjust window hinges (have them)

  • Leave the radiator free without furniture in front of it so that the heat can circulate well

  • Turn down the thermostats when you are away, if necessary use smart thermostats such as the Fritz Dect 302.

The mass use of electric heaters is not advisable for another reason: why the power could go out in winter – local authorities warn.

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