Consumers’ Association: holiday hotline is full of complaints | Inland

“The complaints about individual airline tickets are mainly about slow reimbursement when the flight is canceled. Consumers who book via ticket websites are particularly affected. They report en masse that they do not receive their money or voucher or receive it much too late. Inaccessibility is also a major problem, ”said a spokeswoman.

According to director Sandra Molenaar of the Consumers’ Association, the complaints show that consumers who book directly with an airline, receive their money or a voucher more often and faster. “We suspect that airlines are more likely to reimburse their own customers than compensate brokers. We will be talking to the sector. ”


According to her, travelers are also annoyed by the ample time that some airline companies take to repay the travel sum. Also with package travel (flight and hotel) many complaints are about not being able to exchange vouchers for money quickly enough. “But they are legally entitled to it.” The Consumers’ Association will therefore engage the supervisory authority of the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

In case of complaints about accommodations, more than half of the cases involve a cancellation or rebooking by the traveler himself, according to the reporting center. The association calls on consumers to continue to share their experiences.


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